“Sewerin” - gas analyzers that provide superior protection

We are honored to have the chance to represent the worldwide successful “Sewerin” company. The technologically advanced organization has 95 years of expertise in the manufacture of measurement equipment. Innovative devices are brought to market through development, design, testing, and production. Our firm is glad to be able to provide gas analyzers that have been meticulously designed for the Lithuanian and Baltic markets. We also provide gas analyzer repair, cell replacement, and calibration by a trained employee of our organization. The capacity to do service in our organization results in rapid and high-quality service, cost savings for the customer, and speedy delivery when the repair is completed.


  1. Multitec 540 – a gas measurement equipment used to analyze gas mixtures produced by biological activities. Capability to measure up to five gas concentrations at the same time. The equipment includes infrared sensors for detecting methane and carbon dioxide levels. It is also possible to outfit it with electrochemical sensors. As a result, it is suited for use in landfills, sewage treatment facilities, and biogas plants.
  2. Multitec 545 – a gas measurement equipment that can measure up to five distinct gases at the same time. Extremely high H2S concentrations, such as those seen in wastewater treatment plants, impose additional demands on the measurement apparatus. Because of its ruggedness and wide H2S measuring range, the Multitec 545 is excellent for this application.
  3. Multitec BioControl 2 – unique measurement system comprised of fixed and mobile gas measuring equipment. Applications include small or medium-sized biogas facilities, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and composting plants. Gas quality may be constantly and simply tested, monitored, and recorded at up to two measuring locations using the stationary BioControl 2. Furthermore, a mobile gas measurement instrument, such as the Multitec 540 or Multitec 545, may be used to manually set the measured values at any point in the system.
  4. Multitec BioControl – a high-quality base station BioControl 4 or BioControl 8 provide a wide range of measuring choices. Specifically designed for medium- to large-sized systems. These equipment result in increased process and profit optimization, optimum dependability, and individual adaptability. As a premium model, it is suited for system manufacturers that have high technological demands. A permanent BioControl system and a mobile gas measurement unit comprise the Multitec BioControl system. Individual demands are well met by the Multitec 540 or Multitec 545 as transportable devices.


biocontrol 2
multitec 545
multitec 540
biocontrol 4 and 8