"UBE" - ideal gas separation


“UBE”— the business began its primary research on gas separation membrane materials in 1978. In 1989, the business erected the first UBE CO2 separator for biogas purification, broadening its range of membranes and applications. UBE is always working to improve the efficiency of their membranes. Biogas is a sustainable energy source derived mostly from organic leftovers, such as decomposing vegetable waste, plant by-products, animal by-products, residential bio-wastes, and so on, and is primarily composed of CH4 and CO2. The UBE CO2 separator purifies biogas, converts it to biomethane (CH4), and effectively collects excess CO2.


  1. UBE has created a high-permeability and high-selectivity membrane. Both membranes perform well under a wide range of pressures and temperatures.
  2. Membranes are highly productive, selective, and long-lasting.
  3. You may choose from a variety of membrane sizes for your project. CO2 separators are available for both pilot studies and industrial applications.
  4. Up to 99.5% biomethane purification, as well as excellent selectivity and biomethane regeneration up to 99.8%. Resistance to H2S up to 3%, as well as resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and changing working conditions.
  5. Given that there are no mechanically moving elements, the modular structure provides for easy system extension and operation. As a result, minimum maintenance is required.