"SAFE" - outstanding quality and durability

“SAFE” –  integrated compression system for the use of natural and biomethane gas. Our cooperation aims to encourage sustainable energy consumption while protecting the environment by combining experience, technical innovation, and ethical consciousness. The construction of bespoke solutions with unique designs made according to the specific demands of the client is a distinguishing feature of the Bologna-based firm. Together with SAFE, we ensure the product’s greatest versatility by adapting it to a variety of applications.


  1. S series – mechanical compressors with 3 or 4 cylinders placed at a 60° angle. Power levels ranging from 22 to 90 kW are absorbed. Low suction pressure and an hourly flow rate make it ideal for public and private stations. Small biomethane plants can also benefit from this technology.
  2. ST series – mechanical compressors with 3-5 radially oriented cylinders. Power levels ranging from 22 to 110 kW are absorbed. Suitable for applications requiring strong suction pressure. It is appropriate for stations with medium to high hourly flows in the automobile CNG market. Also appropriate for transportable charging stations.
  3. SW series – mechanical compressors with 2 or 3 cylinders placed at a 60° angle. Power levels ranging from 90 to 400 kW are absorbed. These are the biggest compressors made and can work at a variety of suction pressures when a high flow rate is necessary. Also for the compressed natural gas industry, such as bus filling stations, cylinder filling stations, and huge public stations. 
  4. B series – very dependable hydraulic compressors that are perfect for emptying cylinder trailers. Absorbing power ranges from 7.5 to 75 kW and is used in mobile gas stations. Also, it can function with a very wide pressure range without requiring an internal pressure reducer.