We have a wealth of expertise in implementing biogas power plant projects. We have constructed and contributed to the installation of such projects in practically all of Lithuania’s currently operational biogas power plants. We can take your idea and turn it into a completely working thing, or we can provide you with the equipment you need for your power plant, from sensors to a fully automated modular device.

Project development stages which are carried out by JSC BIOKONA:

  1. PREPARATION OF A FEASIBILITY STUDY. Starting with microbiological processes, we examine your available raw materials for biogas production, model gas quantities and bioreactor volumes, as well as energy, substrate, and digestate volumes, and assess the project’s economic and environmental potential.
  2. BUSINESS PLAN. We create a business strategy, conduct an environmental impact study, and suggest potential funding sources.
  3. PROJECT OF TECHNICAL WORK. Our designers generate precise and transparent technical and work projects using the most powerful 3D modeling and design technologies.
  4. EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION. We produce the essential equipment for the biogas power plant in our facility, utilizing components from the top manufacturers.
  5. Our automation professionals will design and automate a full biogas plant or enhance an existing SCADA based on your requirements.
  6. GENERAL CONTRACTOR. According to the plan, we will construct the full biogas power plant, execute start-up adjustments, and educate your employees to operate it.
  7. OPERATION, POST-GUARANTEE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. We will help operate a functioning biogas power plant, both by performing periodic services and by responding to breakdowns in a 24/7 working mode.

Contact us, and we will assist you in implementing your idea and provide you with the opportunity to tour current facilities in Lithuania.

Biogas power plants are classified according to their sectors, raw resources, and technologies:

  1. Animal husbandry.
  2. Poultry farming.
  3. Horticulture.
  4. Bioethanol industry.
  5. Food industry.