The name “WANGEN PUMPEN” is synonymous with leadership. Representing this manufacturer allows us to sell high-quality pumps to the Baltic market. We can provide high-quality pumps for industrial and personal usage. “WANGEN” pumps are properly built for even the most difficult applications. We provide reciprocating, screw, and twin-screw pumps for a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, environmental and wastewater, biogas, agricultural engineering, chemical, and paper. If you are seeking a quality standard in the pump industry, we are at your service.


  1. Pumps have long been used in the energy generation process and are continually being upgraded and enhanced.
  2. The connection of the shaft and spoke of the same diameter determines the motor’s constant speed of rotation and prevents material interposition between the spinning parts.
  3. Installation, disassembly, and service are all very straightforward and do not necessitate the use of professionals.
  4. Corn silage, grass silage, GPS, solid manure, poultry manure, garbage, and combining solids with liquid in the pump.
  5. The life-cycle costs of suction pumps are minimal. Pumps are often employed with practically all low- and especially high-viscosity media.
  6. Hygienic suction pumps have elastomer-coated connecting components that require no maintenance. The shaft’s same-diameter design prevents the pumped medium from sedimenting.
  7. Submersible pump installation does not require a great deal of room. The connectors’ one-piece connection maintains a steady flow rate. Low-pulsation continuous media transfer is pressure and viscosity independent.