“2G” - performance, reliability and high quality

JSC BIOKONA represents 2G Energy AG, the world’s top manufacturer of cogeneration systems. The major area of expertise is cogeneration power plants and systems. Gas engines driven by natural gas, biomethane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, or hydrogen are used to create electricity and heat in these systems. We can modify, build, and link modular cogeneration power plants to other systems based on the demands of the customer. Depending on the purpose of usage and the intended outcome, power plants are erected for farms, towns, commercial businesses, industry, and so on.

Main benefits:

Agenitor – a dependable heat and power system that aids in the reduction of energy use, expenses, and CO2 emissions into the environment.

  1. Powered by natural gas and biogas.
  2. Produced electric power 75 – 450 kW.
  3. High efficiency, lower fuel costs.
  4. Compact module.
  5. Modular assembly facilitates installation in less accessible areas.
  6. Robust and low maintenance.

Avus – a high-performance system that is utilized for industrial applications or to supply heat networks.

  1. Powered by natural gas and biogas.
  2. Produced electric power 527 – 2000 kW.
  3. Efficient working mode.
  4. Long service life.
  5. Integrates into centralized heating systems.