JSC BIOKONA represents the steam generators of the Finnish company STEAMRATOR OY.

Steam generators can be modular or container-modular and can be installed in boiler rooms. For various reasons, the generators we provide exceed expectations. One reason is that it is a fully assembled and factory-tested unit, complete with burners, deaerators, condensate pumps, and all other equipment. To make the steam generator operate, just connect the facility’s gas, power, and water inlets, as well as the steam and condensate pipes. This reduces the need for building activities. This partner notion is a gadget rather than a structure, which simplifies the project. When the steam demand is uneven, the supplied steam generators are a great solution since the generator begins functioning at full power within minutes and supplies the user’s steam requirement.

These materials can be used as fuel or energy sources in steam generators:

  1. Biogas.
  2. Natural gas.
  3. Liquid fuel.
  4. Electric power.

More information regarding steam generators may be found on our partner’s website, www.steamrator.fi.