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Baur – folien

“Baur-Folien GmbH” is one of the world’s major manufacturers of membrane roofing, and JSC BIOKONA represents them. The time-tested manufacturing of the company created in 1991 led to our successful collaboration, which allows Lithuania and other Baltic nations to acquire high-quality gasholders for covering tanks. Our services include the supply and installation of one and two layer membrane coatings for tanks and containers, as well as the replacement of old, low-quality coatings with new, high-quality coatings from other manufacturers. For lagoon installation, we provide two membrane films for the foundation and one membrane films for the lagoon cover. In addition, we provide pressure relief devices, support air blowers, level measurement devices, and a variety of additional accessories. JSC BIOKONA offers an excellent price-quality ratio in order to fulfill the individual wishes and needs of each customer.


  1. Single membrane roofs – intended for covering slurry tanks, containers, lagoons. The purpose is to prevent some chemicals from entering the environment, complete odor isolation.
  2. Double membrane roofs – designed to cover tanks and lagoons where biogas is produced. Also for the base layer of lagoons. The purpose is to completely isolate the ingress of chemicals and odors into the environment.
  3. Overpressure protection devices – designed for biogas production tanks and lagoons to prevent excessive internal pressure.
  4. Support air blowers – for air circulation. In biogas production – to maintain the shape of the second membrane. For lagoons on the farm, it is necessary to maintain the shape of the membrane and exchange the gases produced inside to fresh air.
  5. Level measurement devices – designed to measure substrate level in both reservoirs and lagoons.
  6. Runoff measuring devices – designed to prevent substrate runoff into surface and groundwater.