"PICCINI PAOLO" - guaranteed transportation of biomethane


“PICCINI PAOLO” – our company represents one of the global leaders in the delivery of biomethane transportation equipment. Biomethane comprises at least 95% methane and is acquired from biogas produced by anaerobic decomposition of biomass in a tightly regulated environment, in landfills following waste decomposition, or from gas produced by biomass gasification. The utilization of these two fuels is critical to the transition to a more sustainable economy. It is feasible to fulfill household demands at home, in the service or industrial sectors, or even to produce heat and energy using methane and biomethane. Our company in partnership with PICCINI PAOLO, the company with over 50 years of expertise, can provide a solution for any of your demands.


  1. Business – we can provide uninterrupted supply to firms that, for logistical or budgetary reasons, are not linked to the national gas network and rely on alternative fuels such as diesel, fuel oil, low-sulfur fuel oil, and so on. We assist businesses in reducing expenses and pollution.
  2. Emergencies – the capacity to deliver methane to top national natural gas distribution firms, industries, and municipalities if regular methane supply is disrupted due to damage, natural catastrophes and events, or scheduled maintenance.
  3. Resupply stations – establish replenishment points near biogas plants, businesses, or any other defined site.