„SUMA“ - maximum quality and satisfaction of the customer's wishes


“SUMA GmbH” is one of the market leaders in the mixer segment, and we are glad that we have the possibility of representing them. Since 1957, the firm has specialized in the manufacture of biogas, slurry, and wastewater mixers. Products are created using decades of knowledge and know-how, making mixers synonymous with durability. When delivering these mixers, we consider the future: the manufacturing processes utilized allow for long-term operation of the devices, and most significantly, the intended economy of operation and workflow of the device are realized. Mixers have a wide range of applications, including open concrete, closed concrete, closed film-covered tanks, and metal-type tanks. Devices are also deployed in lagoons, both closed and open, as well as containers. We also model in each case how many and which mixers are needed to mix the substrate with maximum efficiency. The individual wishes of each customer are fulfilled thanks to our qualified engineers.


  1. Submersible mixers are developed for open tanks, closed tanks, and lagoons. They are placed in combination with a winch, which allows the mixer’s placement height to be adjusted, resulting in improved substrate mixing. The mixers may also be easily removed from the tank or lagoon.
  2. External mixers are intended for open and closed tanks and lagoons. Externally installed for easy engine maintenance. The long axis facilitates substrate mixing in a big tank or lagoon. The use of a hydraulic cylinder allows for vertical axis positioning. All layers of the substrate are more effectively blended this way.
  3. Tractor-powered agitators are ideal for open tanks and lagoons. These mixers are simple to connect to a tractor. The entire substrate may be combined with one mixer by adjusting the mixing locations.
  4. Mounting frames are used to install submersible mixers. Suitable for all tank types. This frame also allows the mixer to be angled horizontally for optimal substrate mixing. It is not necessary to empty the tank in order to reach the mixer; simply raise it with the frame and execute the necessary maintenance work on the mixer.