Activated carbon - a product of high quality and excellent value

You desire not just the proper activated carbon products but also a provider that can deliver consistent quality at a reasonable price. Let us help you achieve success with the products we provide. For specialized applications, we provide carbon-based, impregnated activated carbon. Surface impregnation of activated carbon chemically changes the activated carbon by finely dispersing chemicals and metal particles on the inner pore surfaces. Because of the synergy between the chemicals and the carbon, this promotes carbon absorption. The product is perfect for eliminating different contaminants from air and gas streams due to the adsorption ability of impregnated granular carbon. Pellets are an environmentally beneficial product that may be revived by heat oxidation and reused several times.


  1. Gas cleaning and removal of odors and chemicals.
  2. H2S, SO2 removal from biogas.
  3. Smoke cleaning in laboratory fume cupboards.
  4. Water purification in filters.
  5. Aldehydes, radioactive iodine and inorganic gases.
  6. Removal of military gases from NBC filters and gas masks.
  7. Removal of acid gases and amines from the air.
  8. PSA system for biogas.
  9. Remove acidic and alkaline gases.
  10. Chemical adsorption of SO2, NOx, O3, NH3 and SH2.
  11. Supplied in 500 kg bags.