The modular separator’s primary function is to separate materials. A specific quantity of dry matter is present in the wasted substrate of a biogas plant or any waste facility. The modular separator’s goal is to efficiently separate the solid fraction from the liquid substance. The liquid substance extracted from discarded substrate in biogas power plants can be used to dilute new substrate or even fertilize crops. Additionally, liquid material segregated in industries can be supplied to cleaning networks. Each modular separator is unique, having been constructed in accordance with the technical criteria required. The primary benefits of this module are its ease of transportation and installation in the facility. The separator is made up of a separator, pipelines and fittings, an automation department, and other components.


  1. Easy transport and assembly.
  2. Easy and convenient maintenance.
  3. Ability to efficiently use waste.
  4. The possibility of giving waste to cleaning networks.
  5. Longevity.


Modular substrate separation unit