JSC BIOKONA produces, supplies, and installs water treatment equipment. We have considerable expertise in designing and integrating cogeneration power plants and boilers that utilize biogas, natural gas, or a biogas/natural gas blend as fuel into the entire water treatment system. Biogas filters and other peripheral equipment are required for the facility’s seamless functioning.

We build modular sewage pumping stations and modular drinking water secondary lifting pumping stations. This equipment is manufactured in our factory and delivered to the site complete with automation, an alarm, data transmission devices, and all other required components.

We build wastewater pumping stations, separators, stainless steel connecting pipelines, automated valves, and, if required, we automate and integrate the management process with the current water treatment plant operation system SCADA.

representing leading equipment manufacturers

  1. 2G Energieteknig GmbH – a leader in the production of cogeneration power plants.
  2. Wangen Pump – manufacturer of sewage pumps.
  3. Sewerin – manufacturer of biogas analyzers.
  4. SUMA – mixers for sewage and sludge.
Biokona offers warranty and post-warranty servicing.